Glowing Outdoor Orbs

This idea came from I think that ambient light can have a profound impact on any space, whether it’s mood lighting in a library, can lights in a hallway, or, in this case, accent lights outdoors.

To do this project you need:

  • Any number of glass light fixture cases, such as the spherical ones found in old hallways. You can buy these at pretty much any home improvement store, or you can often get these at second hand stores for cheaper.
  • Enough old Christmas indoor/outdoor lights to stuff in the cases. Don’t worry about whether some individual lights are burnt out.
  • Spray-on aerosol frosting, or etching cream, if needed.

1. If the glass shades are not already frosted, clear a workspace, preferrably outside, that you don’t mind getting dirty. Frost the glass casings as per the instructions on the frosting or etching package. Allow it to dry–usually for between half an hour and an hour.

2. Once the casings are dry, stuff them with the lights. Usually one lights string will be enough for each casing.

3. Arrange the stuffed casings upside down outside–maybe in a flower bed, or in some mulch around a tree.

4. Et voila! Plug the lights in, and enjoy!

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